Positions #6

Positions #6

28 November–25 April 2021

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands | Website


With Laure Prouvost, Praneet Soi, Zach Blas, Navine Khan Dossos, Ajla R. Steinvag

Curators: Nick Aikens, Evelien Scheltinga

In the series Positions, the Van Abbemuseum presents the sixth and final exhibition, this time revolving around the central theme ‘The Technological Body’. In keeping with previous editions of Positions, this edition will again take place in the form of solo exhibitions of artists with very diverse work, that engage in a certain dialogue due to their joint presentation.

How will humans evolve physically as more and more becomes possible through biotechnology? What consequences will this have for our sense of identity, based on gender, race or class? Will artificial intelligence and genetic manipulation pose a threat to us or offer us new opportunities

In Positions #6, five artists reflect on the rapid technological development that we encounter in our lives today. Artists Laure Prouvost, Praneet Soi, Zach Blas, Navine Khan Dossos and Ajla R. Steinvag will each explore or respond to these types of questions in their own way.