Big Bang Data

Big Bang Data

21 May–16 October 2016

ArtScience Museum, Singapore | Website

The amount of data that the world generates on a daily basis – from emails, selfies, Google searches and online purchases – is almost astronomically vast. How do we begin to understand the stories being told by the data revolution, when there is so much data already and more being created every second?

Experience data in a whole new light at ArtScience Museum’s upcoming Big Bang Data exhibition. Through a series of thought-provoking data visualisation artworks, you’ll gain new perspectives on the issues surrounding the rapid datafication of our world, and discover the ways in which our ever-expanding digital footprint is radically transforming our lives, our decisions, and the future of society itself.

Hailing from the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) in Spain, Big Bang Data is making its Asian premiere at ArtScience Museum on 21 May after traveling from Barcelona to Madrid, Buenos Aires, London, and Santiago. You’ll experience a selection of artworks from its first edition in Barcelona, as well as new artworks from the showcase at Somerset House in London. ArtScience Museum has also specially curated a section of the exhibition to tell the story of Singapore’s unique relationship with data.

Organised into nine chapters, Big Bang Data takes you on a journey of exploration though the intricate relationship that we share with data, as well as the meaning and implications of datafication for our future. Artworks on display range from large-scale immersive installations to historical artifacts and contemporary data visualisations. The exhibition features a selection of these innovative pieces, created by some of the world’s leading data visualisation artists.

Big Bang Data – An exhibition organised by ArtScience Museum, and coproduced by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona-CCCB and Fundación Telefonica.