Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media

Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media

09 April–11 April 2015

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA | Website

Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media, University of Pennsylvania

The term “biocode” invokes the intersection of computation with life forces. A term that has been used by natural scientists to advocate a new taxonomic nomenclature for all living things and has also been theorized as a crucial unit of power in our age of techno-capitalism. Drawing inspiration from this tension, “Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media” will bring a variety of artists, activists, and theorists together working on tactics of resistance, disturbance, and transgression through and in response to the digital turn. The conference will explore possibilities of digital transgression across multiple fields of inquiry. Biocode participants have developed a set of tactics and optics for experimenting with the interfacial potentials between digital manipulation, artistic performance, and political intervention.

Featured Participants:
Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men, Hannah Black, Zach Blas, Simone Browne, Allison Burtch, Tyler Coburn, Lennard Davis, Dirty Looks, Ricardo Dominguez, DreamersAdrift, Alex Galloway, Sara Hedren, Sarah Kember, Rahul Mukherjee, Ian Alan Paul, Lisa Parks, Alex Rivera, Lance Wahlert, McKenzie Wark, Guobin Yang