Our Bright Future – Cybernetic Fantasy

Our Bright Future – Cybernetic Fantasy

20 July–05 November 2017

Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, South Korea | Website

Our Bright Future - Cybernetic Fantasy, Nam June Paik Art Center

The exhibition features contemporary artists’ thoughts and reflections on the rapidly changing technological environment. Since the Great Exhibition in 1851 at Crystal Palace, London, the rosy future promised by the state-driven technological development has brought about today’s fourth industrial revolution led by the internet and digital information technology. However, the belief that technological advance will open a new world for human beings has, in return, produced the fear that the very technology will also take away jobs from humans and even their identity.

In his manifesto “Cybernated Art”(1965), Nam June Paik argued that the frustration and suffering caused by cybernated life could be overcome only by cybernated shock and catharsis. Will Paik’s independent path of ‘anti-technological technology’ which he adopted by avoiding the dichotomy between utopia and dystopia be able to provide an insight for us who are just at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution?

To answer this question, the works in this exhibition track down the history of cybernetics and the thoughts which it has developed by interpreting organisms and machines from the same perspective. We expect that the viewers will actively participate in finding questions that are required now and their solutions.