Daejeon Biennale: AI

Daejeon Biennale: AI

08 September–06 December 2020

Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea | Website

Daejeon Biennale 2020: AI

2020 Daejeon Biennale brings together works that harness advanced AI technologies in pursuit of an expanded field of artistic expression. A range of displayed works, in which elements of art and of science exist in fusion, will present multidisciplinary approaches to AI, as they take their sources from various fields such as literature, cinema, data science, etc. Simultaneously, the body of work will be a reminder of both the functions and malfunctions of deep-learning algorithms, examining the double-edge of AI technologies. Works focused on integrated cognition through AI technology suggest possibilities for extending human sensation through technology.

Even heading towards the 22nd century, we don’t have yet a clear formulation or definition of the human mind. Current AI technologies centre around human visual perception and hearing, and there is a need to develop higher cognition technologies for linguistic and circumstantial judgments distinguished from those of animals. In this respect, the theme of AI technology is not about discussing the difference between humans and AI or to suggest AI as the replacement for the artist. This exhibition strives to foster discussion on the attitudes of current artistic practice in these new media environments, on how humans are interacting with technology. Presented works seek out possible common spaces between art, which explores things that deviate from economic logic, and AI technology, which is always concerned with social utility. Ultimately, the exhibition will examine the areas where the two overlap.