The Dark Side of the Internet

The Dark Side of the Internet

03 June 2016

The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK | Website

The Dark Side of the Internet, The Photographers' Gallery

Eva and Franco Mattes in conversation with Zach Blas

Eva & Franco Mattes will be in conversation with Zach Blas in advance of the opening of their exhibition Abuse Standards Violations (10 June – 27 August) at Carroll / Fletcher Gallery. They will discuss the politics of images and image-making, among other key issues affecting their practice. The Mattes’ latest body of work, Dark Content, sheds light on the largely anonymous labour force of content moderators that has emerged with the rise of social media. Blas’s critically acclaimed Facial Weaponization Suite offers an act of resistance to the panopticon that has become something of a contemporary condition. Throughout the discussion, they will explore how what is concealed is often what matters most.