I Hear a New World

I Hear a New World

05 July 2018

MU, Eindhoven, Netherlands | Website

Thursday Special, MU

The exhibitions The Objectivist Drug Party and Genomic Intimacy pose some challenging questions. What makes us who we are, for instance, and who defines our identities? When companies and states have the computing power and algorithms to handle information of billions of people; when artificial intelligence predicts our buying behaviour as well as our potential threat to society – where does that leave us? Well… at least we can call for regulation, we can quit Facebook, and some of us, like Zach Blas and Heather Dewey-Hagborg, can make incredible art.

Get to know more about these incredible artworks during the Thursday Special program at MU. Join workshops, meet the artists, and get to know everything you always wanted to know about tech biases, Contra-Internet, DNA phenotyping, and more.