13 April–31 July 2022

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Gwacheon, Republic of Korea | Website

Masquerade, NMMCA Korea

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has made mask -wearing part of our daily routines, the MMCA Collection Exhibition Masquerade showcases contemporary artists’ in- depth explorations of the symbolic meaning of covering one’s face.

The theme of “masks” has profound meaning in the contemporary visual environment. Internationally -recognized masquerades and mask performances; masked movie heroes and villains; puppetry; and virtual avatars and role-playing games are a deeply ingrained part of our daily lives, and have prompted contemporary artists to interpret masks, which have long been a subject of study, using various approaches. For contemporary artists, masks are two-sided tools that can both reduce or increase the distance between strangers. They are also objects of hypocrisy that conceal the truth as well as a culture steeped in convention and prejudice. Masquerade invites viewers to compare the meanings and daily functions of masks and their visual interpretations in contemporary art.