Proof of Personhood

Proof of Personhood

22 September–24 February 2024

Singapore Art Museum, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore | Website

Proof of Personhood explores the unstable relationship between identity, agency and authenticity in popular culture and emerging technology.

Art is assumed to be a fundamentally human undertaking, but with the introduction of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, this assumption is being questioned. As humans, we tend to project our own image, physiology and psychology onto technological systems in an attempt to better understand them, a process which often reproduces societal biases. The featured artworks expand the genre of portraiture, depicting human and non-human subjects to investigate the nature of personhood in the 21st century. In the process, they highlight the shifting conception of who—or what—is considered human.

In an era dominated by social media and digital tools for self-presentation, authenticity is a valuable commodity. As the same techniques for performing an authentic personality are employed by celebrities, everyday social media users and bots, Proof of Personhood asks: What does it mean to be “real”?

Curator: Duncan Bass