Queer/Art/Film LA: Zach Blas presents Jubilee

Queer/Art/Film LA: Zach Blas presents Jubilee

28 July 2014

Sundance Sunset Cinemas, West Hollywood, USA | Website

Queer / Art/ Film LA

The special summer season of QAF LA continues with Derek Jarman’s breakthrough punk cult film. Co-sponsored by our favorite film festival Outfest with special host, independent filmmaker Ira Sachs.

WHEN: Monday, July 28, 7:15PM
WHERE: Sundance Sunset Cinemas – 8000 West Sunset Boulevard

1978. UK. 106 min. Directed by Derek Jarman

Jubilee is legendary British director Derek Jarman’s breakthrough feature, a ribald post-apocalyptic queer travelogue, boasting appearances from some of the most iconic figures of the London New Wave scene (Siouxsie Sioux, Wayne “Jayne” County, Adam Ant, Little Nell and a soundtrack by Brian Eno). Through the lens of a crystal ball, Queen Elizabeth I peers 400 years ahead in abject horror at this thrilling cinematic blend of futurist fantasy, performance document, grainy avant-garde film and late-70s fashion montage. Our host for the evening, Zach Blas is an artist, writer and curator whose work engages technology, queerness and politics. Selecting the film for its “punk refusal of society,” Blas has worked with experimental film festivals, performance journals and technology arts residencies to bring his distinctly queer take on technology to new levels of viewership.

Join us for post-screening drinks and discussion led by Martabel Wasserman and special guest host Ira Sachs.