somatic SENSOR

somatic SENSOR

21 January–22 January 2011

Highways Performance Space & Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

Somatic SENSOR, Highways Performance Space

Highways Performance Space Artistic Director Leo Garcia presents somatic SENSOR, curated by Micha Cárdenas, Elle Mehrmand, and Dino Dinco.

Emerging out of queer experience, the works in somatic SENSOR move along lines of flight exploring desire, technology, the erotic and the viral. Rejecting control society to find new forms of relationality, somatic SENSOR includes performances, digital and networked media, drawing and soft sculpture to open borders between realities and bodies.

The performance nights include work by Robert Crouch, Micha Cárdenas, Dino Dinco, Dawn Kasper, Frankie Martin, Elle Mehrmand, Zac Monday, Yann Novak, Phil Skaller, Samuel White, Dorian Wood, and Suzanne Wright. The gallery show, from January 14-22, 2011 includes works by Sadie Barnette, Zach Blas, Amy Sara Carroll, Brianna Rigg and Suzanne Wright.