Terms of Refusal

Terms of Refusal

18 June 2020

Eyebeam, Brooklyn, USA | Website

Eyebeam, Terms of Refusal

2020 Resident Artists in Conversation with Carmen Winant, Jeff Kasper, Tina Campt, and Zach Blas

In January Eyebeam welcomed the 2020 Residents Bassem Saad, Elissa Blount Moorhead, Pelenakeke Brown, and Sofía Córdova to work under the theme Terms of Refusal. Over the course of the last six months, from various parts of the world, each has considered the impact of this defining moment on their lives and their work. As the residency comes to a close, we will be reflecting on their process through the embodied lenses of place, family, and the quickly shifting uses of digital media in conversation with a guest of their choice. Join us over two days as we hold space for each pair to imagine our shared futures. Conversations each day will be followed by audience Q+A.

On June 18 Sofía Córdova will be in conversation with Carmen Winant followed by Bassem Saad in conversation with Zach Blas