The Long Progress Bar

The Long Progress Bar

03 September–04 September 2015

Lighthouse, Brighton, UK | Website


Playful, inspiring and timely, The Long Progress Bar is a two-day festival of radical imagination that explores new methods of empowerment through collective action, art, culture and technology.

Mixing talks, screenings, workshops and live music performances, the festival unites international creatives, thinkers and radical change-makers shaping our world through contemporary art, music, design, technology, economics and social innovation.

Ever wondered what a ’social clinic for the future’ might look like? How data mining can be used to create plays? Are you happy to be a member of the so-called Precariat? This is an open platform to discuss some of the most interesting questions facing us today. From basic income and social innovation, to the art of engineering and direct democracy, the festival responds to real-world issues and is a chance to hear new ideas, take part in conversations, and meet the people shaping our world.

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author Paul Mason (UK) / Basic income advocate Guy Standing (UK) / critically acclaimed electronic music producer Jam City (UK) / rising electronic musician Holly Herndon (US) / social innovator and unMonastery member Kei Kreutler(US) / artist and writer Zach Blas (US) / contemporary artist and musician TCF (NO) / experimental sound artist Mat Dryhurst (UK) / cutting-edge design and research group Metahaven (NL) / electronic musician and artist Yoneda Lemma (FR) / members of xenofeminist collective Laboria Cuboniks aka Katrina Burch (FR) & Diann Bauer (US) / visual artist David Blandy (UK) / Lars TCF Holdhus (NO) / Benedict Singleton (UK)


Program 837 kB