Tiny deaths: glitches, spells, interruptions

Tiny deaths: glitches, spells, interruptions

11 March–06 May 2017

Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry, Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland | Website

CCA is pleased to invite you to the opening of our next exhibition, Tiny deaths: glitches, spells, interruptions, on Saturday 18th March. The group exhibition features works by Zach Blas, Anne de Vries, Dave Loder, Conor McFeely, and belit sağ that consider the power of the interruptive moment.

Tiny deaths explores how these moments – often classified as flaws, accidents or errors – can be activated as points of reference and resistance. Its title derives from Paul Virilio’s definition of ‘picnolepsy’, the ‘epileptic’ lapses generated by the oscillation between consciousness and unconsciousness, and the compensatory impulse to smooth over these ruptures. Using this metaphor of bodily difference, Tiny deaths examines contemporary methods used to re-attribute value to absence or interruption, and the social and political implications of these actions.

The exhibition features practices that variously connect to these ideas, with works that employ the aesthetics of interference (Dave Loder) and question how images of violence shape perceptions of reality (belit sağ). Tiny deaths also includes works that present an idealised communal experience of seamless totality (Anne de Vries), tactics to interrupt the technological gaze and exercise a politics of escape (Zach Blas), and moments of altered consciousness (Conor McFeely).