To Mask and to Hide

To Mask and to Hide

14 January 2016

ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany | Website

To Mask and to Hide, ZKM Center for Art and Media

To Mask and to Hide
Thu, 14.01.2016 6 pm
ZKM_Lecture Hall

Are there strategies to confront digital surveillance? Zach Blas and Hans Bernhard from pursue this question in their talks.

Zach Blas is currently presenting one possible approach in the »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP« exhibition: Masks Protect against »Facial Recognition«. With »Masks«, Blas places himself in the tradition of masked resistance, such as with the Pussy Riot and Anonymous, who refuse to be identified and punished by wearing masks.

The event will take place in German and English.