Your Consent is Implied

Your Consent is Implied

01 November–22 November 2014

New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, Denmark | Website

Your Consent is Implied, New Shelter Plan

When you use a phone, walk the streets, drive a car, use the Internet, have a bank account, play games, have a conversation, meet friends, see the doctor, make a purchase, when your heart beats, you have given your consent. The exhibition Your Consent Is Implied examines the impact digital capitalism is having on social relations and identity. The expansion of this form of technology into every facet of life is creating a space where different actors engage in the practice of activism, corporate dominance, illicit activity, warfare, surveillance, personal expression and the building of community. The participating artists utilize their artistic practices in ways that seek to illuminate, question, dismantle and disrupt this ever-expanding topography.

Zach Blas
Natalie Bookchin
Joshua Mittleman
Guston Sondin-Kung
Eddo Stern