26 January–21 April 2018

Art in General, Brooklyn, USA | Website

Art in General presents Contra-Internet, a New Commission and the first-ever solo exhibition in New York by artist Zach Blas. Contra-Internet is co-commissioned by Gasworks, London; Art in General, New York; and MU, Eindhoven; and is produced by Gasworks.

Contra-Internet at Art in General marks the premiere of the full version of the film Jubilee 2033, a queer science fiction film installation that includes live action, CGI animation, blown glass sculptures and a single edition publication titled The End of the Internet (As We Knew It). Framed by existing works in animation, moving image and vinyl text, the exhibition confronts the growing hegemony of the internet.

Contra-Internet was presented at Gasworks in London from September–December 2017; will be shown at Art in General in New York from January–April 2018; and at MU in Eindhoven from May–July 2018. Contra-Internet is a project of Creative Capital.