Entangled Realities: Living with Artificial Intelligence

Entangled Realities: Living with Artificial Intelligence

09 May–11 August 2019

Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel, Basel, Switzerland | Website

Entangled Realities is dedicated to the current topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its effects on society. A specific focus lies on human interaction with intelligent algorithmic systems and the resulting new intertwined realities. The world we live in is increasingly influenced and shaped by AI, we share our lives with “intelligent” objects and systems and in various areas we are already handing over certain decisions to machines. It is crucial to consciously shape this new coexistence between man and machine.

The works in the exhibition show not only how more and more aspects of our lives are already controlled by algorithms, but also how algorithmic networks “see” and create the world. The artistic positions illustrate the processes of machine learning and give visitors an insight into automatic cognitive methods.

Humans and machines are in constant dialogue and it is vital that we understand the conditions of our coexistence. What role will we play in shaping these new interwoven realities? Who supervises the infrastructure of computer-based networks? We have to learn to understand how these systems work as in the future it will difficult to determine whether content or information is authentic, manipulated or completely artificial. The aim of the exhibition is therefore to understand and critically interrogate the development and creation of new realities currently taking place, so that we can control their development and not vice versa.

Curators: Sabine Himmelsbach and Boris Magrini

Artists: Zach Blas & Jemima Wyman (USA), James Bridle (GB), Ursula Damm (D), Dries Depoorter (BE), Anna Dumitriu and Alex May (GB), fabric | ch (CH), Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst (USA), Mario Klingemann (D), Lauren McCarthy (USA), Trevor Paglen (USA), Anna Ridler and David Pfau (GB), Sebastian Schmieg (D), Jenna Sutela (FI) and others