28 September–24 November 2013

quartier21, Vienna, Austria | Website

Zach Blas, Faceless II, q21

“FACELESS part I” showed the appeal that hiding, veiling, or masking the face exerted on art and fashion after 9/11. The second part of the exhibition, opening on September 27 at 19:00 in freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL at the MuseumsQuartier Wien, continues the survey in a more participatory approach. The focus is on interdisciplinary works and lectures, performances, and workshops that convey how we can survive without losing face and at the same time revolt.

“As much as a face and an expression can give away about us, we have plenty of creative potentials at our disposal for making these tale-telling surfaces illegible, even invisible, without running the risk of suffering social death,” says Brigitte Felderer, co-curator with artist Bogomir Doringer of the group exhibition “FACELESS part II.”

The works by 45 artists are divided into themes like digital masks, mirrors, icons, and invisible people. As for part one of the show, the exhibition design was created by students from the Department for Stage and Costume Design, Film, and Exhibition Architecture at Mozarteum University in Salzburg. “FACELESS part II” will additionally feature photos on the theme of facelessness contributed by more than 50 artists to the website www.facelessexhibition.com (totally about 2.000 posts). All names of artists will be announced online.

Martin Backes (GER), Jeremy Bailey (CAN), Jonathan Barnbrook (GBR) for David Bowie, Aram Bartholl (GER), William Basinski (USA), Zach Blas (USA), Heiko Bressnik (AUT), Ondrej Brody (CZE) & Kristofer Paetau (FIN), Mark Brown (NED/GRB), Cracked Labs (AUT), Ben DeHaan (USA), Sofie Groot Dengerink (NED), DENNATON (Jonatan Söderström & Dennis Wedin) (SWE), Arthur Elsenaar (NED), Hrafnhildur Gissurardottir (ISL), Adam Harvey (USA), Jakob Lena Knebl (AUT) & Thomas Hörl (AUT), KATSU (USA), Miodrag Krkobabić (SRB), Mirko Lazović (SRB/NED), Theo-Mass Lexileictous (CYP), Vanessa Lodigiani (MEX), Jill Magid (USA), Alberto de Michele (ITA), Jelena Misković (SRB), Bob Miloshević (SRB), Andrew Newman (AUS/GER), Bernd Oppl (AUT), Marco Pezzotta (ITA), RAF SIMONS, Tarron Ruiz-Avila (AUS), Bryan Lewis Saunders (USA), Tim Silver (AUS), Maiko Takeda (JAP), Ari Versluis (NED) & Ellie Uyttenbroek (NED), Daniel Vom Keller (SUI/NED), Martin C de Waal (NED), Anne Wenzel (NED), Lucy Wood (GRB), Andrew Norman Wilson (USA), and Marcus Zobl (USA/AUT).



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