09 July–14 September 2019

Ordet, Milan, Italy | Website

Ordet presents HOMELAND, an exhibition that takes its lead from Berlin Lights (1994) by Hermann Pitz (Oldenburg, Germany, 1956), a ready-made installation composed of seven functioning lights from the Berlin Wall, loaned from Collezione La Gaia.

The project reflects on the physical, rhetorical and ideological impact of borders and the growing pervasiveness and sophistication of the systems put in place to monitor, surveil, and control the movement of people, goods, and information.

A program of film and video screenings selected by Ordet’s development committee members, curators and artists, accompanies the installation: these works explore notions of borders, surveillance, technology, information and data mining, alongside the political, social and personal implications of such infrastructures.

curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti and Stefano Cernuschi