Open Codes. Connected Bots

Open Codes. Connected Bots

20 July–07 October 2019

Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China | Website

Open Codes. Connected Bots

The exhibition and educational project »Open Codes« reflects on the world we live in today; a world that is created and controlled by codes.

From immaterial communication of information to material transportation of people and goods, from design to production, our contemporary societies are guided by codes written in programming languages executed by electromagnetic logic in computers.

»Open Codes« is a new form of assembly, where knowledge production on making and understanding computer code and artistic approaches takes place at a single venue. This will transform Chronus Art Center into a multifunctional new medium and an art of coding laboratory.

With the aid of numerous works by artists and coders, the exhibition presents the world of digital codes and the future areas of life that will be influenced by them in sections, for example: #GenealogyOfCode, #Coding, #MachineLearning, and #Lab&Production. These key terms contribute to outlining an imaginary map, which serves as the basis for understanding the digital world we inhabit.

curated by Christian Lölkes and Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás


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