Munch Triennale: The Machine is Us

Munch Triennale: The Machine is Us

01 October–11 December 2022

Munchmuseet, Oslo, Norway | Website

The first edition of the MUNCH Triennale displays works by artists who examine the social impacts of new technologies, and sketch imaginative future scenarios for a society in the midst of digital transformation.

Today, humans encounter much of the world through technology, which organizes our everyday existence and pervades our social lives. If we are online 24/7, where does the distinction between humans and machines lie? The exhibition displays works by artists who, in different ways, reflect on how new technology affects us, both as individuals and as communities.

This is the very first edition of MUNCH Triennale – a group exhibition that will be launched in a new form every third year. A new socially relevant thematic will be developed for each edition. The theme for 2022 is the role of technology in contemporary society and the title is taken from “A Cyborg Manifesto” by Donna Haraway, was originally published in 1985.