Training Fantasia

Training Fantasia

17 April 2021

Typography Center for Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia | Website

When the familiar system of the world with a human being as its center begins to disintegrate, one of the defining feelings becomes the one of fear, feeling weird or not at ease. Fear provokes the realization that various beings, phenomena and even groups of people are as important agents as we. They may be inaccessible to sight, but they affect our life and radically change it. The virus is one of the most telling examples of this kind of agent. Referring to the experience of instability, which the pandemic has only increased, Training Fantasia seeks ways of its positive transformation, and in this search proceeds from the statement: any experience is collective and based on interaction.

Training Fantasia is an imagination exercise: what else could our present, future and past be? What can be the relationships and collectives within the human community and beyond?

As part of Training FantasiaContra-Internet: Jubilee 2033 will be screened on 17 April.