What have I done to (de)serve this?

What have I done to (de)serve this?

30 August–16 September 2012

BlankSpace, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Manchester, UK | Website

What have I done to (de)serve this?, Abandon Normal Devices Festival

What have I done to (de)serve this? examines the perpetual disillusionment of a generation of artists who are living through the ongoing global financial crisis. Who is really to blame for this financial turmoil? Is it the over-zealous drive of corporate bankers, or the demand for private property? Have failed EU countries exported a failing institutional imperialism to the rest of the world? Are we here because of the pursuit, or indeed failure, of a particular notion of capitalist success?

Made up of contemporary works that explore the successes and failures of capitalism, this exhibition will function as a forum for the exploration of alternative economic systems. Including works from Lanfranco Aceti, Queer Technologies, Jennifer Chan, Tom & Guy Schofield, Jan Peter Hammer and Micah Purnell.

Curated by Omar Kholeif and Sarah Perks