Commercialising Eros

Commercialising Eros

04 February 2012

reSource sex, transmediale, Berlin, Germany | Website

Commercialising Eros, reSource sex, transmediale

A discussion with Jacob Appelbaum (us), Zach Blas (us), Liad Hussein Kantorowicz (il/de) and Aliya Rakhmetova (kz/hu)
Moderated by Gaia Novati (it/de)

Includes the live performance Watch Me Work by Liad Hussein Kantorowicz (il/de) and Kate Ehrhardt (za/de)

This panel sheds light on the interferences and tensions between sex and business, analysing practices and strategies of technology entrepreneurship and networking models, online sexual imagery and queer virality. Moreover, it stresses the aspect of conscious reflection on bodily practices as opposed to simply consuming, focusing on how queer communities and sex workers use IT in their communication and how they try to break usual stereotypes through online and offline actions. A conscious reflection and practice of sexuality can be the way to imagine a different model of “commercialising eros”, mobilising communities, generating advocacy, and more broadly, shaping culture.